Have a Frozen Rosé Everyday

Whether you’re hosting friends this weekend or laying low, there’s no time like the present to get in on Frosé—the most Instagram-friendly drink of the summer.

What is Frose?

Just when you thought there was no way to top your favorite drink (rosé, obviously), introducing Bloomers Frosé. Yes, it's frozen rosé, and it's the best thing ever. It's exactly what it sounds like—a slushy, iced version of your summer beverage of choice without all the hassle of having to prepare ahead of time. Just grab your favorite bottle of Processco, Rosé or Sauvignon blanc and blend with Bloomer's Frose and ice.

You can enjoy Bloomer's Frose in three levels of fun.

Level 1:

Just enjoy blended with ice and a little lime for an all-ages treat that will cool you down while tasting great.

Level 2:

Add your favorite dry white wine in equal parts with ice blended in 3:1 with Bloomer's Frose for an adult beverage that will satisfy.

Level 3:

Add your favorite white wine, ice, Bloomer's Frose and top shelf vodka into the blender. Hit the button and hang on because this great tasting drink packs a punch!

Enjoy With Ice
Enjoy the refreshing taste of Frosé without any alcohol. Just mix 1 part Bloomers Frose with 3 parts ice and blend until crushed and smooth.
Add Wine. Go Ahead.
Add some wine into the mix for a more adult beverage variety. Mix equal parts ice and wine in a 3:1 ratio to Bloomers Frose Mix. Blend until crushed and smooth.
Vodka + Wine = Viral Videos
Enjoy Bloomers Frose with equal parts Wine+Ice and an oz of premium vodka for every oz of wine/ice mixture. Blend until smooth and upload everything.

Hows It Work?

1. Measure. 2. Blend. 3. Enjoy.

Become your own Mixologist!

After purchasing your own Bloomer's Frose, try one of our great recipes below. Let us know how you like them and make sure to tag us @bloomersfrose !

About Bloomers Frosé

Bloomers Frosé is the first-ever retail mixer for both wine and spirits.

Transform into an instant mixologist, and become your own party!

Instagram is totally abuzz thanks to #BloomersFrosé. Snap a sipping-selfie today because your cocktail hour just got a fun and frosty face-lift.

Whip up an icy-smooth, version of your favorite beverage in minutes. Pour some rosé, prosecco or Sauvignon blanc into your blender. Add crushed ice, and mix 3:1 with Bloomers Frosé.

Bloomers Frosé mixes with everything and keeps life cool and fresh. The recipes are endless. Watching calories? Skip the alcohol and add a garnish of fresh fruit for refreshing pink treat.

Ready to head home and slip into some Bloomers?

Grab a friend and ask for it in your favorite Florida restaurants, resorts, clubs and bars.

Click through our locations list to see which of your favorite restaurants, hotels and more carry Bloomers Frosé.

Our Team

We have over 30 years in the product marketing and alcohol distribution fields. We enjoy Frose so much that we have created this company to spread the word and bring the Bloomer's Frose to the masses.

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