Bloomer’s Frosé – 1L (CASE)

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Bloomers Frose is the perfect summer drink.

Simply blend with ice for an all ages treat that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Kick it up a notch by blending in 1 part rose to 3 parts frose mix, great for a poolside tan or a long conversation on the patio.

Crank it up to 11 for party central! Mix equal parts top shelf vodka and your favorite rose wine to 3 parts Frose and let the magic happen. Make sure that the cameras are rolling and the filters are hot, Bloomer’s frose is the perfect Instagram friendly summer drink #BLOOMERSFROSE

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Each 1 Liter bottle will blend up to 20 mixes. Each case contains 12(twelve)  1Liter bottles of Bloomer’s Frosé Frozen Drink Mix

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The official drink of lazy days and crazy summer nights is here

Three ways to enjoy Bloomers Frose

Delicious for All Ages

Grab a bottle of Frose and blend with some ice for an anytime frozen treat!

All you need is ice and frose to bring a smile to everyone’s face this summer.  From 5 to 95 everyone will enjoy the fruity, cold treat on a hot summer day. Make a hot summer day a cool retreat with Frose!!!

Frosé + Rosé = 😄

Blend equal parts of your favorite Rosé with Frosé and blend for a relaxing and delicious treat!

Perfect by the pool or sitting on the beach, this adult combination is just the right mixture of wine and fruit to make things fun, without getting out of control.

Frosé + Vodka = 🎉

When you are ready to party, mix equal parts Frose and Rose with your favorite top shelf vodka.

After a few pitchers of these, prepare the filters as the summer’s instagram drink takes hold! Make sure you tag us #BloomersFrose, we want to see you!

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